Circulating Oil 220


CIRCULATING OIL 32, 100, 150 & 220

Circulating Oil is premium quality, solvent refined, high viscosity index
and mineral oils specially chosen for their ability to provide superior
lubrication in a wide range of industrial applications.
This product is formulated with superior base oils and contains
oxidation and rust inhibitors, defoamers and anti-wear additives. It is a
high quality circulating oil and general purpose lubricant. It has the
ability to rapidly separate from water, prevention of emulsion and
Sludge build up, which hampers lubricating efficiency. It has marked
resistance to foaming and good air release which is important in
circulation systems.

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It is primarily used for continuous recirculation where maintenance
factors ensure low leakage losses. Specialized uses include hydraulic
systems, certain marine turbines as well as their associated reduction
gears, these oils find application in bearings and industrial enclosed
spur or bevel gears, provided EP is not required, Circulation oil
applications include, ring collar and chain-oiled bearings, splash oiling
and bath systems. It is particularly suited to the lubrication of
antifriction bearings of paper mill dryer rolls, plastic film calendars and
paper corrugators where their excellent resistance to the formation of
harmful deposits produces outstanding benefits.

Plain and rolling element bearings

Enclosed spur, helical, bevel & worm gearboxes where a non-
additive mineral oil approved by the gear manufacturer

Machine tool circulatory systems

May be used in industrial applications where loadings and
temperatures are moderate

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Good oxidation and thermal stability:

Natural resistance to the formation of sludge and other harmful
products of oxidation.

Long oil life.

Water shedding properties:

Circulating oils have excellent water separation properties. Excess
water can be drained easily from lubrication systems. (Water can
greatly accelerate surface fatigue on gear and bearing interfaces and
promote ferrous corrosion on all internal surfaces. Water contamination
should be avoided or removed as quickly as possible after occurrence).
High Viscosity Index:

Minimal change of oil viscosity over the operating temperature range

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